"a film that defies your expectations at every turn. Alex is one of the most remarkable subjects I've seen in a doc in the last few years.” — Daniel Laabs, Dallas International Film Festival


Farmer/Veteran is a documentary film about trauma, truth and the search for a new identity in the wake of war. 


National Broadcast

Airing weekly on the PBS primetime schedule, Independent Lens is television’s largest showcase of independent documentary film. Since its inception, Independent Lens films have won 16 George Foster Peabody Awards, and 11 News & Documentary Emmy Awards, and have received seven Academy Award nominations. “All of these documentaries pose a question powerful enough to elicit empathy in our viewers because they put you in someone else’s shoes, and provide an understanding of who we are and our place in the world,” said Lois Vossen, Executive Producer of the series.  “These filmmakers are both the storytellers and the journalists of our time. In a moment when our country may feel irrevocably divided these films spark conversations to help us find common ground.”