A documentary film about trauma, truth and the search for a new identity in the wake of war. 




The American folk song "Swing and Turn, Jubilee" serves as the basis for the "Farmer/Veteran" soundtrack, composed by Phil Cook. "Swing and Turn, Jubilee" is an old standard appalachian party song or "zipper verse" song. A live version was first recorded in 1963 by Jean Ritchie and Doc Watson. Another version was recorded by Carolyn Hester on Columbia Records, featuring a young Bob Dylan on harmonica. Alexandra Sauser-Monning and Amelia Meath performed the song as part of Mountain Man and as a duo, where Cook first heard the track. From there the song was reinterpreted and reworked by Cook in the studio (see below) and at his home in Durham. We're deeply honored to have his talents on board, along with Ari Picker and folk legend Alice Gerrard. 

All Album Sales will be donated IN SUPPORT OF MILITARY CAREGIVERS

There are over 5.5 million military caregivers in the U.S. today. Many veterans rely on care provided by family or friends for their day-to-day needs. These informal caregivers, termed military caregivers, provide a range of indispensable services, saving the nation millions of dollars in health and long-term care costs. Proceeds raised from this album will be given to organizations raising awareness of the issues military caregivers face; helping create resilient support networks and viable solutions.